Japanese Noodle

Japanese Noodle
Indomie - Mie Goreng Aceh
Indomie - Mie Goreng Aceh
Manufactured in        : Indonesia.
Content netto            : 90 g.
Ingredients               : 
Noodles: wheat flour, vegetable oil, tapioca flour, modified starch, vegetable stabilizer and phosphate, salt, minerals, acidity regulator, antioxidant TBHQ and synthetic dye tartrazine Cl 19140.
Seasonings: sugar, salt, flavor enhancer, shallot powder, curry powder, garlic powder, synthetic beef flavoring, tomato powder, yeast extract, natural coloring caramael I and vitamins.
Oil: vegetable oil and aceh fried noodle seasoning.
Sweet soy sauce: sugar, water, soybeans and wheat, salt, spices, vegetable oil.
Chili Sauce: chili, water, sugar, thickener, acidity regulator, seasoning, flavor enhancer, natural and synthetic flavoring, preservative.
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