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Welcome to the Deluvina craft shop.
From now on we can also supply you with many exotic foods / beverages.
I built the Deluvina Shop (stands for "Germany luv Indonesia") out of love for these two countries.
Germany, where I now live, and Indonesia, the country I originally come from. We import all of the Products
directly from Indonesia to Germany. Have fun shopping and feasting.
We are happy to help you if you have any questions

Our advice

Bag 10 - Bamboo
Bamboos Strap Bag
Material          : Bamboo, magnetic button, wooden beads.
Measurement  : ca. 23 cm x ca. 20 cm x ca. 8 cm.
Strap length    : ca. 112 cm.
Colour            : Black.
Weight           : ca. 430 gr.

19,99 EUR
Round Bamboo Bag
Material          : Bamboo,  wooden beads.
Diameter         : ca. 22 cm.
Thickness       : ca. 8 cm.
Strap length    : ca. 85 cm.
Colour            : Black.
Weight           : ca. 560 gr.
19,99 EUR
Jali Handbag 1
Jali Handbag 1
Material           : synthetischer plastic.
Measurement  : approx. 20  x 10 x 16 cm.
Strap length     : ca. 114 cm.
Colour              : White, black, gold.

This bag was made by a small family business
in Bali - Indonesia.
It's a real handmade bag and each bag is unique.
It is quite spacy, enough place for many important things
such as glasses, parfume, cellphone, some make up,
small purse, etc.
This bag is perfect to take with in many different occasions
such as dinner, party, holiday, concert, clubbing, to the beach etc.
The unusual form, Material and design make this bag as an eye catcher.
12,99 EUR

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New product

ABC Coffee - klepon flavour
ABC Coffee - klepon flavour
Manufactured in         : Indonesia.
Content netto             : 25 gr x 10.
Ingredients                 : Sugar, vegetable creamer (contains milk and protein), instant coffee, cocoa powder, palm sugar, milk powder, synthetic flavors of klepon and pandan.
3,49 EUR
Krupuk Bawang Warna Warni 250g
Krupuk Bawang Warna Warni 250g
Manufactured in        : Indonesia.
Content netto            : 250 g.
Ingredients                : Flour, garlic, sugar, salt, Monosodium L-glutamate, E110 ,E160c, E142.
Our standard price 1,89 EUR
Your price 1,80 EUR
You save 5%
Chaokoh Air Kelapa 330ml
Chaokoh Coconut Water 330ml
Manufactured in         : Indonesia.
Content netto             : 330 ml
Ingredients                 :  100% Coconut water.
1,39 EUR
Bamboe Instant Spices -Ayam Goreng Kalasan
Bamboe Instant Spices - Ayam Goreng Kalasan
Manufactured in         : Indonesia.
Content netto             : 69 g.
Ingredients                 : Garlic 30%, palm oil, brown sugar, salt, pepper 9%, galangal 8%, lemongrass 7%, bay leaf 4%, lime leaf 3%.
0,89 EUR
Bamboe Instant Spices -Kare
Bamboe Instant Spices - Kare
Manufactured in         : Indonesia.
Content netto             : 36 g.
Ingredients                 : Shallot 395, salt, palm oil, garlic 7%, turmeric 3%, white pepper 2%, coriander, ginger 2%, galangal, cumin.
0,89 EUR
Laksa La Mian 185 g
Laksa La Mian 185 g
Manufactured in     : Indonesia.
Content netto         : 185 g.
Ingredients             : 
Noodle(La Mian) 54% - Wheat flour, salt, acidity regulators ( sodium carbonate, disodium phosphate).
Laksa Paste - Water, Palm oil, Chilli paste ( water, dried chilli, salt), dried shrimp, shallot, galangal, shrimp Paste (Shrimp crustacean, salt). turmeric, lemongrass, turmeric powder, laksa leaf, chilli, white pepper, chilli powder.
Laksa Premix - Coconut milk powder 14,1%, coconut milk solid, maltodextrin, sodium casenate (milk), salt, sugar, yeast extract.
2,99 EUR