Bamboe Instant Spices - Semur
Bamboe Instant Spices - Semur

Bamboe Instant Spices - Semur

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3-4 days 3-4 days (abroad may vary)
48 Piece
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Marjan Syrup - Cocopandan
Marjan Syrup - Cocopandan
Manufactured in        : Indonesia.
Content netto            : 460 ml
Ingredients                : water, sugar, acidity regulator, synthetic cocopandan flavor, coconut extract, pandan extract.
* Add water before drinking
*Serve chilled
5,79 EUR
Racik - Lodeh Spice Mix
Racik - Lodeh Spice Mix
Manufactured in         : Indonesia
Content netto             : 25 g.
Ingredients                 : Sugar, salt, flavor enhancer, spices (2.2% candlenut, 2% garlic, 1% galangal, contains gluten), shrimp paste, synthetic flavor (contains egg)
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Kara Coconut Milk Powder 50 gr
Kara Coconut Milk Powder 50 gr
Manufactured in         : Indonesia
Content netto             : 50 g
Ingredients                 : Extract of coconut milk 65%, vegetable creamer, maltodextrin, sodium caselnate, stabilizer tricalcium phosphate E341.
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Bamboe Instant Spices - Rawon
Bamboe Instant Spices - Rawon
Manufactured in         : Indonesia.
Content netto             : 54 g.
Ingredients                 : shallot 39%, salt, palm oil, kluwak 8%, galangal 3%, lemongrass 2%, garlic 1%, turmeric 1%, corriander 1%, chili 0,5%.
0,89 EUR
Gudeg - spicy
Tjitro Gudeg - spicy
Manufactured in      : Indonesia
Netto weight            : 210 g.
Ingredients              :
Jackfruit, duck egg, processed buffalo skin, chicken in pieces, black eye beans, coconut milk, water, shallots, garlic, red chili, coriander, galangal, candle nuts, salt, brown sugar, lemongrass, bay leaf, keffir lime leaf.
Produkt information :
- This dish is typical dish from Jogjakarta and we eat it together with rice as main dish.
To Consume :
1. open the can and it's ready to eat. It is somehow better if you warm it up before eating.

6,79 EUR