Incense Sticks - Frangipani
Incense Sticks - Frangipani

Incense Sticks - Frangipani

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2 Piece
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1,79 EUR

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Gandapura Oil
Gandapura Oil
Manufactured in        : Indonesia.
Netto                         : 60 ml.
Usage                       : Help relieve aching rheumatic pain, neck pain, back pain, sprains, tendonitis, bruises, pain due to gout and improve blood circulation.
Application                :
Wash the affected area with warm water and dry it with a towel. Then pour gandapura oil into your palms
and gently massage with your hands where it hurts with a little pressure until the oil is absorbed into the skin pores.
Composition             : Gandapura oil / Methyl salicylate.
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Your price 4,24 EUR
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Chilli Brand Warm Plaster
Chilli Brand Warm Plaster
Manufactured in        : Indonesia.
Netto                         : 10 sheets.
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Incense Sticks - Sandal
Incense Sticks - Sandal
Manufactured in         : India.
Weight                      : Approx. 50 g.( 20 sticks)
Compositions             : Bamboo, wood powder, Jigit/ Joss powder, charcoal, parfume.
1,49 EUR
Kripik Usus
Kripik Usus
Manufactured in        : Indonesia
Content netto            : 200 g
Ingredients                : usus ( entestine from chicken), spices, flour.
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